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Well, I have come to the end of my journey with Chicago and the Hubbard Street Dance summer intensive. I must say I have learned a lot that I am forever grateful for. For my final post of the intensive I plan on talking about my final week: classes, rehearsals, and showing. Please read ahead because it will be a fun read!!! Also sorry for the side notes/stories! Everything just came to my mind at one time.



Outside of the reviews over the pieces we have learned, we were still able to get some class time in. We still had ballet, everyday, but we took class from some interesting people. We took class with Claire who was one of the original four dancers in Hubbard Street Dance and we also took class from the artistic director, Glenn Edgerton.IMG_3954When I say I was living taking Glenn’s class, I. Was. LIVING! The way he approaches class really lights up the room. His exercises weren’t even complicated but he expected a lot from us. He moves at a fast pace so we had time to do combinations 3 to 4 times, which is a little unheard of in a normal ballet class.

*– insert quick story — We were at the barre working on a rond de jambe combination. At the end, Glenn wanted us to passé balance, which is normal after a rond de jambe combination. Now, I have been working myself so that I am able to passé relive without the barre and I have been getting really good at it. At this moment in class, I had passé relivé’d without the barre, maintained my passé, and slid my leg down into a high sus-sous to then turn around and plié down. I didn’t realize that Glenn watched me the whole time I did it. He said “yessssss. That was great” and then gave me a high five. I know this is so small but it made my day.  My hard work was paying off even when I though no one was watching me. Also, It was all on my left. Im out here working y’all!!!!!! *

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Week 3 – Dance Analysis

IMG_3793Hey everyone,
I am almost done with the intensive and I must say it has been very interesting. With this blog, I’m going to dive deep into some of the classes and works I have been doing. I want you all to know what truly is going on.
It is long but PLEASE read on because it is really interesting.


I know that some people have been seeing stuff on social media of me talking about how I’m really doubting myself. A lot of it comes from my ballet classes.IMG_3798The caliber of the dancers in my class, the dancers in the company who teach my classes, and the teachers in general, have changed my thinking for the worst. I know it is sad to say but ballet is a true love of mine but this intensive has made me rethink myself. The movement is a challenge overall. I am really pushing myself and I can see that my technique has improved. We take classes from 5 of the company members and 3 of their teachers. Each teacher has been different in their own special way. Some focus on simplicity and another focuses on fluidity. What I have noticed is that the dancers lean towards a more free flowing class. The emphasis on the structured arms or legs are relaxed in their class which is nice because we, the dancers, can breath more in the ballet classes. But there is a down side to them teaching classes: the dancers lack hands on instruction as a way of teaching a class. Most, if not all, of their corrections are verbal which can help sometimes but I believe it is better for someone to understand something if you manipulate their body and actual feel the correction. This is something small but it makes a big difference to me as a performer and pre-professional dancer. To accommodate this I have started to work with myself more. I have relied on past corrections and use them now to further work on them such as my port de bra, and lifting at the top of my legs.
Overall, I have learned a lot in ballet and I will continue to correct/analyze myself so that I can improve. IMG_3857


Like I have stated before, we are learning 5 different reps from 4 different pieces:  a trio from “Still in Motion”,  a solo from “27:42”, two male solos from “Cloudline”, and chorus work from “The 40’s.” I am going to talk about 3 that have challenged me the most.
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Week 2 – Interesting Week

IMG_3777Sorry I am so late on an update. This week has been interesting.
So, I have finished my second week at the Hubbard Street Summer Dance Intensive. I have the same dance classes, except Gaga, which is done and has been replaced with Modern. It is a Horton class taught by former Hubbard and Ailey dancer Linda Dennis. She is absolutely amazing. She kicks our butts and it highly unapologetic about it. I LOVE IT TOO! I am working HARD in there. Well, I work HARD everywhere of course but I feel good taken this Horton class.
IMG_3780Ballet classes have been interesting too. We have been taught by 7 different teachers since the intensive started. Five of them have been company members and the others were teachers of the company. We have learned snippets of 5 different rep from all the dancers starting with a hard jerking piece called “27:52” to a slow flowing solo in “Still In Motion”.IMG_3753I have enjoyed learning it all too. Every time we start the week, we are taught more and more choreography. Its almost like choreography overload because we really learn a lot in just one day but we have an endless amount of time to review and go over the movement in small groups, sometimes as solos which can be very nerve-racking.

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Week One Is Complete

IMG_3737Week One is officially complete and I must say it has been a very interesting week.
To finish off the week, I had regular classes and we reviewed the choreography. It has grown on me a lot . Ive listened to all the corrections and tried to apply them. I am grasping the one true thing that I need to work on here at the intensive: making my movement bigger. Its like I am ALMOST there.IMG_3666I have the steps and the details (quoted from an actual teacher) but I just need to get bigger in the arms and get bigger in my plie. The plie part is giving me a bit of issues because I know that I have a short achilles. Also, I don’t want to push myself so hard especially with something I do not have and with something that has been an issue for me for my whole dance training. I am going to work on that though. I do know about the arms. I just need to not cut off my arms when moving.
SO here is my goal: BE BIGGER!
….which I know I can do it.
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Dancing in Chicago~Day 1-3

Chicago! I am in CHICAGO and I am dancing at the Hubbard Street Summer Dance Intensive. It was nerve racking the first day but my feelings have changed a lot in only a few days. I have real come into it and its because of the environment I am surrounded by. For living, they placed us in an apartment style dorm. In my apartment – which is huge by the way – has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, bathroom, and a sink in the hall. My roommates are the sweetest. Maddie is my actual roommate and she is from Maryland. Rachelle is from Atlanta and Kristin is from Idaho who live in the other room.

We clicked early so that is always great. HubbardWell our dorm/apartment is on the East side of Chicago while the studio is on the west side…. and we have to find our own transportation there.

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Learning to Fly – Strengths


Learning to Fly is a composition study which I choreographed. We were given a piece of music where we had to generate movement similar to the structure we heard in the music. The song that I chose was Zoe Keating’s, The Last Bird. I heard the music in 7 different layers with a A, B, B’,C,D,E, and F. Some of my phrases are generated from a manipulating, slow, or implementation concept. I asked for a consistent amount of feedback for this assignment because I realized that I worked better under limitations set by others.

Thought this study, I have generated a story. This piece is about a bird learning how to fly. Staring from the awkward moment of getting out of the nest, to flapping the wings for the first time, taking flight and falling, soaring above the world, and finishing by the bird landing in my hand. In the work, I take on the embodiment of the bird when in reality I resemble the bird. The bird and I cross baths when I catch the bird from falling from the sky and sending it back out into the world.

Birds are important to me and my life and this work is one of my favorites. I put everything into creating it and I hope you enjoy watching.

Learning to Fly
Choreographed by Brianna Rhodes

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Complicated Relationship

Complicated relationship is an Analysis study that was choreographed by Niasha Whitfield and I. We had to choreograph movement that was generated from the idea of supporting. All of our movement was supporting and we maintained contact most of the time. We also needed to have a story so we passed ours off of a relationship. Once we finished, we came to the idea that our story could be percieved as multiple complicated relationships: bestfriend, sister, lovers etc.

It was great working with Niasha because she loves to pick people up and I like to fly. We are also deep in our stories and when the two of us are together we create interesting work.

Below is the video of our work:

Complicated Relationships

New Pictures

I was able to get new pictures done this summer. I contacted someone who suggested Ellen Blanco. IMG_0916She is an underclassmen at Stivers School for the Arts. She has a beautiful eye in photography which I why I wanted her to take my pictures. All I can say is that I am over joyed by the outcome. She edited 2,000 pictures and I was able to have them all. Some good and some bad but having all of them was nice.
If you ever want someone to do pictures for you, you need to get her. Her eye for photography, editing skills, and fun personality makes her more than easy to work with.

Thank you Ellen for the pictures. I am more than grateful!IMG_1748

If you wish to see all of the pictures, go to my full page!

Composition Final

To conclude my composition class, we had to work on an assignment where we took three movement tendencies, found the opposite of those tendencies and then create a three-minute duet. I was paired up with Amanda and we worked really well together. My opposite tendencies were expressive, large movement, and staged movement so I decided that my opposite tendencies would be internal, stillness, and pedestrian. It was hard to come up with the movement for something that I am not used to doing but in the end, I believed that it worked out well.
Amanda and I worked well together because her movement tendencies were what I was trying to portray while she was trying to portray my movement tendencies. In our duet, we decided to show the same pattern that she had in her solo when we had to work individually because my movement did not travel. We wanted our movement to evolve so we decided that we would start away from each other and work our way closer to each other and eventually touch each other and rely on each other’s body. We also merged each other’s movement because it helped the duet to evolve. We knew that what the other person was doing was someone’s basic movement tendencies so when they did do it, they did not do it for long. This would prove as a test to see that if the dancer is able to change to the opposite tendencies of the movement they were use to. For example, in the beginning of the movement, I am internal and Amanda starts off big. In between my movement, I jump big just as if she would but I had to change back during my internal movement to see if I was able to grasp what was asked of me. After the big movement that Amanda does, she starts to do the movement similar to my internal movement but that did not last long for her because afterwards she had to do synovial movement which was different for her.
Overall, our duet came together great. Amanda is a great person to work with and I was glad to work with her on this difficult project.
Below is the final that was recorded during my last composition class:

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