Brianna Rhodes and was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Dayton was a small city in Ohio, but it thrived on artistic expression. She started dancing at the age of three where she took her first ballet class at Dayton Ballet.

As she continued on with her classes, she started to like the art form and wanted to see what else it had to offer, so she went down a different path and started taking gymnastics until she was seven years old. EGY_8335.jpegShe wanted to continue her dance training by participating in competition dance classes, where she took ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap and acrobatics at Roberta Lynn’s School of Dance in Trotwood and New Lebanon, Ohio. She was then asked to join the competitive dance team where they traveled to numerous cities for competitions. As she got older, she set her sights on continuing her dance training and in sixth grade where she auditioned for the local performing arts high school: Stivers School for the Arts in downtown Dayton, Ohio. It was the best decision she had ever made. Her training doubled tremendously, and she found out that she could go very far in dance if she maintained her hard work and determination. For six years, she stayed at Stivers and graduated in 2015 with exceptional awards in choreography and all-around dancer, as well as staying on top of her academics. While at Stivers, she had the opportunity to dance for TEDx Dayton, with Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (DCDC), and at the International Association of Blacks and Dance (IABD) in Cleveland, Ohio.

HeadshotContinuing on with dance, Brianna decided to attend The Ohio State University with a major in dance. She has had multiple opportunities to spread her wings at Ohio State such as returning to take classes at IABD, performing at the American College Dance Conference, and went to Brazil on a dance exchange for two weeks. She was also a part of TEDx The Ohio State University and danced at the Hubbard Street Summer Dance Intensive in Chicago where she received extensive pre-professional training. Further on, Brianna looks forward to joining a company along with traveling and experiencing the world and what it has to offer after she obtains her BFA in Dance in the Spring of 2019.

Over the years, Brianna has acquired a large pallet of dance styles such as modern, contemporary, classical ballet, hip-hop, jazz, and others. With all of these forms of dancing, she has crafted her own sense of style that stems mostly from Horton and Cecchetti techniques, contemporary ballet styles, composition tactics, and improvisation with a focus purpose and passion. She has a goal to make herself marketable in many forms of dance so she can educate others through teaching, working together in a company, or assisting. Her future grows from her and with all of the training she has acquired in school will help her work in the dance word strategically.